A Brief History of Building World Awareness

1997 Adelaide, Australia

A small group of committed individuals forms the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA). This begins a journey that expands over the next eight years to include 600 members and 132 regional and national representatives across five global regions.

Education has been at the very core of the INPEA Mission Statement and raising awareness within the World Community, a defining goal.

2002 World Health Organization

WHO partners with INPEA on the seminal study “Missing Voices”. A major recommendation from this eight-country research was to “mobilize civil society through raising awareness of the widespread magnitude of elder abuse”.

In April 2002, the United Nations International Plan of Action is adopted by all countries in Madrid. The Plan of Action clearly recognized the role of education and training in elder abuse prevention.

2003, New York City, USA

INPEA launches the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day to take place on June 15, 2006.

2003- 2006

Communities throughout the world begin to plan their activities to raise awareness of abuse and neglect of older adults and to celebrate the progress they have made in helping to reduce its occurrence.


First World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was held at the UN, New York.


INPEA was in Geneva for its International WEAAD celebrations.


INPEA was in Ottawa for its International WEAAD celebrations.


INPEA was in Paris for its International WEAAD celebrations.


INPEA is in Toronto to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.