Worldwide Virtual Event – Walk At Home

In these unprecedented times when we all need to stay at home to protect ourselves and society at large, the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation is launching the first ever virtual walk for World Elder Abuse Awareness for all ages and abilities.

Riding on the success of the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day events, the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation will run a virtual walk from now until June 15, 2021.

Whether you’re 8 or 108, you can now walk for Elder Abuse Awareness. All competitors welcome to walk virtually with the community from within the boundaries of your home and immediate surroundings.

Each Participant will receive the official race t-shirt and a certificate of appreciation from the foundation. Thank you and let’s have some fun!

Here’s All You Need To Do

  1. Sign Up Using The Button Below
  2. Walk, jog, stroll, or run and snap a picture. (Could be indoors treadmill or outdoors)
  3. Share your fun pictures to, and we will send out your t-shirt and medal.
  4. It’s just that easy.
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